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Minds Eye Education (P) Ltd. Or MEEPL came in existence with a view 'Advance Education in Approach'. It have been observed that the academic education which the children were getting in last decades was not enough to fulfill the requirement of the parents who expects more & more from their children. MEEPL favors the practical studies thus launched the concepts which are easily understandable by the children.

Company started its success journey with Software Education under the brand name IGM Computers, established their first learning centre with only 4 students in the batch. Company is first in India to offer Free Computer Education, to the students. After that company started fixing milestones in the field of education one by one company reached a number of 700 franchises all over India.

Step by step with the help of resourceful franchise network & well marketing strategies implemented by the devoted team members of MEEPL with enthusiasm created history. Now the company is trying to be in first fortune 500 companies in the near future by opening opportunities for all.

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Opting for:
  • Name: Reena Jaiswal

    Place: Bhandara(MH)

  • Name: Prajakta Kamble

    Place: Ulkanagar, Aurangabad(MH)

  • Name: Jyoti Kaushik

    Place: Sector-31, Gurgaon(HR)

  • Name: Sweta Agarwal

    Place: Sector-15, Gurgaon(HR)

  • Name: Priyanka Shah

    Place: Singrauli(MP)

  • Name: Shobha Kumari

    Place: Nasrullaganj(MP)

  • Name: Jayshree Ghatbande

    Place: Subedar Layout, Nagpur

  • Name: Amit Jain

    Place: Durg(CG)

  • Name: Shamim

    Place: Shahbazar, Aurangabad

  • Name: Poonam Aswagaonkar

    Place: Pusad(MH)

  • Name: Shalini Rai

    Place: MIDC- Higna(MH)

  • Name: Neetu Pandey

    Place: Bairagarh, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Swapnil Jain

    Place: Aurangabad(MH)

  • Name: Rajendra Mahajan

    Place: Pusad(MH)

  • Name: Abhijeet Mutha

    Place: Khadkheswar, Aurangabad

  • Name: Pradnya Suhas Wagh

    Place: Nasik(MH)

  • Name: Neelam Agrawal

    Place: Misrod, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Bhakti Amrish

    Place: Akola(MH)

  • Name: Ajit Singh

    Place: Shahdol(MP)

  • Name: Sharad Raut

    Place: Pusad(MH)

  • Name: Prahlad Bandapalle

    Place: Latur(MH)

  • Name: Somdankar

    Place: Nashik(MH)

  • Name: Manorama Mande

    Place: Latur(MH)

  • Name: Narendra

    Place: Nashik

  • Name: Rakhi Pokarna

    Place: Latur(MH)

  • Name: Dev

    Place: Hoshangabad(MP)

  • Name: Manisha Shriwas

    Place: Jalna(MH)

  • Name: Sanjay Raut

    Place: Toshiwal Layout, Akola(MH)

  • Name: Alka Sengar

    Place: Jhattarpeth, Akola(MH)

  • Name: Uma Devi

    Place: Latur(MH)

  • Name: Dr. Krishna Chandrakar

    Place: Raipur(CG)

  • Name: Sourabh Shukla

    Place: Gumti, Kanpur(UP)

  • Name: Neela Heliwal

    Place: Raipur(CG)

  • Name: Manoj Kishaan

    Place: Ballarshah(MH)

  • Name: Sharad Sharma

    Place: Korba(CG)

  • Name: Swati Singh

    Place: Sagar(MP)

  • Name: Prem Vaishya

    Place: Manendragarh(CG)

  • Name: Sneh Rajesh Mangla

    Place: Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

  • Name: Sandhya Jaiswal

    Place: Durgesh Vihar, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Usha Gupta

    Place: Civil Lines, Gurgaon(HR)

  • Name: Yogesh Shrivastava

    Place: Awadhpuri, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Tarun Katiyar

    Place : Harsh Nagar, Kanpur(UP)

  • Name: Phushpalata Jaiswal

    Place: Sindhi Colony, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Ritesh Agrawal

    Place: Shyam Nagar, Kanpur(UP)

  • Name: Sandhya Jaiswal

    Place: Punjabi Bagh, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Madhu Shukla

    Place: Tulsi Nagar, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Madhu Shukla

    Place: Trilanga, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Deepti Dubey

    Place: Lalghati, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Waseem Khan

    Place: Chhindwara(MP)

  • Name: Vrushali Bhagde

    Place: Bhagde Hospital Campus, Washim(MH)

  • Name: Preeti Dhaneliya

    Place: Kotra, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Nidhi Saxena

    Place: Bagmugalia, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Gitika Arora

    Place: Kasturba Nagar, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Rita Gurbani

    Place: Vijay Nagar, Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Neha Agrawal

    Place: Bhopal(MP)

  • Name: Swapnil Mahajan

    Place: Pusad(MH)

  • Name: Mayuri Suresh Nichat

    Place: Digras(MH)

  • Name: Usha Mapari

    Place: Civil Lines, Washim(MH)

  • Name: Vinita Mishra

    Place: BHEL, Bhopal(MP)

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