What is CATS?

The word CATS stands for CENTRE FOR ABACUS TRAINING & SKILLS. It is a highly structured program developed from "Zhusuan Methodology" that originated in China to help children unleash their hidden potential. The program aims to provide a supplement for the solid academic foundation that the school provides and be a spring board for their development as successful individuals. Cats program works on the latent mental potential of the child and improves the child's imaging skills, concentration skills and ability to stay focused. The program extensively uses the 'ABACUS' as a tool to impart these skills.

What is ABACUS?

The word ABACUS is derived from the Greek word 'abax' meaning counting board. ABACUS is believed to have been derived from the counting boards used in the Mediterranean around 300 B.C. The ABACUS has been used in China since 1200 A.D. and is still widely used by shopkeepers and merchants in the country. This magical manual tool is termed as the 'father of modern computer' universally used for solving arithmetical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The child uses ABACUS for some length of time to solve the simple arithmetic functions which consequently helps to improve their image memory skills.

How the CATs concept works?

It is widely known that our brain has two parts, the left brain and the right brain. The left brain is the conventional brain and the right brain is the seat of intelligence. As we know that about 85% of us use only the left brain, but with the CATs program children are trained to use their right brain more. Through constant use of the ABACUS children are trained to use their right brain more. Through constant use of the ABACUS children are exposed to numerous images, which are stored in their right brain for retrieval later, gradually the ABACUS is taken away and the children perform the calculations mentally. This tremendously improves their image memory skills and results in overall mental development.