In today's competitive world the child needs skill sets which are beyond subject knowledge and requires concentration assimilation power and retention. The world also demands certain lifetime skills like self confidence, listening skills, comprehension and self reliance.

CATS provides help in the whole brain development, and enables the child to gain both logical and creative faculties. The child will experience the immense benefits going through this wonderful program of Zhusuan Methodology (Abacus). This methodology was originated in Greek, later on developed in China, now a days very popular in India and abroad, which makes children to learn math with fun. It makes children capable to calculate mentally five times faster than an electronic calculator. Apparatus free arithmetic is possible through this technique. Primarily children uses the calculating tool known as Abacus, then after sometime, they start working with an imaginary Abacus. The results observed in a child after completing the Cats Abacus course are – Overall development of the brain of the child, Interest in studies, Overall excellence, Enhanced Presentation skills, Self confidence, Self reliance, Concentration, Comprehension and Personality Development.