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A new and exciting way to explore Maths,Science & Engineering Technology

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Robotics is the engineering science and technology of robots and their design,manufacture,application,and structural disposition.Robotics is a new and exciting way to explore Maths, Science & Engineering Technology

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FOR AGE GROUP: 6 To 16 Years

CONTENTS: Robotics

DURATION: ................

FEES: Rs.........Per Month

TOTAL FEES:..................

BATCH SIZE: Minimum 15-20 Students

Our teachers have gone through extensive training schedules to create good atmosphere during the training sessions. They have also been trained to maintain a higher level of fresh competition among the students ethically so that every child in the school will try to perform at his best and maintain a good recode sheet through out the year without failure. Teachers are also been trained to maintained the good atmosphere for ensuring child's development physically and mentally.

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