The Group

IGM Computer Education:- IGM Computer Education is acronym for Indira Gandhi Memorial Computer Education, established by Minds Eye Education Pvt. Ltd. with a view that computer education is must for all & is good enough to provide firmness as well as helpful in development of interpersonal skills of humans. It is regd. by Delhi Govt., as All India Computer Education Society (AICES) regd. under society XXI, ACT 21, 1860. IGM is providing job oriented software courses throughout the nation with the help of its franchise centres.

HTG Computers:- HTG computers is widely known for Hardware Training Group a sister concern of Minds Eye Education Pvt. Ltd. By this brand name IGM Computer education is well known for extending the hardware knowledge of computers, it comprises Assembling, Repairing, Maintenance of CPU, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, SMPS repairing etc.

NYC:- NYC Computers is a well known brand which Minds Eye Education is working in Uttar Pradesh for computer education. NYC is acronym for NEHRU YUVA MANDAL & is been supported by Nehru Yuva Kendra (Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs)

CATS:- Cats Abacus Education India is another brand which is highly structured whole brain development program for the children in the age group of 4to16 years old. This program offers the Abacus Education. Abacus is a Chinese tool used for calculation which is widely used in middle east countries also known as world's first computer. After the training program children may become five times faster than an electronic calculator in calculations.

Math Lab:- An excellent concept for children which provides the practical knowledge of Mathematics. Math Lab is compulsory recommended by the education boards to install in all the schools so that it can demolish the fear of MATH from the children's brains. Math Lab is capable to drill the excellence of children in Math Lab hence it is a famous one Brand Name of Minds Eye Education Pvt. Ltd.

Language LAB:- Language Lab is an upcoming project of Minds Eye Education Pvt. Ltd., the vision behind Language Lab is to provide the learners an extreme level of concentration through the scientific methods of teaching. It is also very helpful for the teachers as it offers one to one interaction during the lectures & delivering notes. Language Lab is also very useful for Spoken English, Language Trainers, Tuition Classes, Coaching, Colleges as well as schools.

Minds Eye Films:- Minds Eye Films is the banner under which company have created a history in Indian Cinema. Minds Eye Films first feature film 'YAAD RAKHENGE AAP' have been awarded as 'THE WORLD'S FIRST MEMORY MOVIE' & also been appreciated by LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS.

Creative Art:-Creative art is an upcoming project which enhances the creativity of the children. Apart from the academic excellence children always needs to be good in cocurriculars, so that Minds Eye Education is launching the project soon.

Discover English:- English language is good enough & is the easiest language in the world. It is also a part of personality & presentation. Minds Eye is offering the spoken English training under this brand name with the help of fabulous scientific concepts such as Animation, Audio-Visual equipments, Computerized Smart Talking Partner etc.

Minds Eye School:- An upcoming chain of schools which will enhance the academic education & the capability of children's brain. The teaching in these schools will be provided through scientific & proven Methodology. The education will be given in practical way so that everyone will not read or write but will learn the concepts.