Vedic Mathematics

Mental Calculation Enrichment

Minds Eye Vedic Maths: Mental Calculation Enrichment

'Vedic Mathematics' is the name given to the ancient system of Mathematics or to be precise, a unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles with which any mathematical problem be it Arithmetic,Algebra,Geometry,or Trigonometry – can be solved, hold your breath, orally!

Sutras: Normal formulae The system is based on 16 vedic Sutras or aphorisms,which are actually word formulae describing natural ways of solving a whole range of mathematical problems .

A Simple &easy System : Practitioners of this striking method of mathematical problem- solving opine that vedic maths for more systmetic,coherent and unified than conventional system. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourage the development and use of intuition and innovation, while giving the student a lot of flexibility, fun and satisfaction .Therefore, its direct and easy to implement in Schools a reason behind its enormous popularity among educationists and academicians .

Math Lab: A Vedic Maths Section

An excellent concept for children which provides the practical knowledge of Mathematics. Math Lab is compulsory recommended by the education boards to install in all the schools so that it can demolish the fear of MATH from the children's brains. Math Lab is capable to drill the excellence of children in Math Lab hence it is a famous one Brand Name of Minds Eye Education Pvt. Ltd.

The subject math is known as toughest subject among students as well the parents. We have included math lab in the syllabus compulsorily. It give the children an opportunity to practice mathematics practically. The advantage of practical study of math is this, during practicing math children never know that they are studying. It easily clarifies the complication of mathematics with ease therefore it abolishes the phobia of math from the minds of children.